Sunday, February 14, 2016

Taleo: Installing Taleo (TCC) Client

This blog is first in my upcoming blogs of Taleo (TCC). In this I would like to show how we can install Taleo Client TCC.

2. Sign in / Register. (OTN SSO username/password will be used)  
3. Select Product "Oracle Taleo Plateform Cloud Service - Connect" and Plateform Window-32

    Select Continue
4. Read and Accept ‘Terms and Conditions’

5. Download TCC Application Datamodel and TCC Application Installer for windows

6. Once downloaded unzip both zip files. They both contains an exe file each.

7. Install ‘Taleo Connect Client Application Data Model ( for Microsoft Windows.exe’ first. NOTE: its installation location. It will be required in second installation.

8. Install ‘Taleo Connect Client Application Installer ( for Microsoft Windows.exe’. Provide pip location as the location of where you installed datamodel.

9. Launch Taleo Client.
10. If you are launching first time, you need to pint Taleo server. Select Product and provide, Host Port (generally 443 for https), username/password


Rose Maria said...
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rakesh said...

Thanks .It's a nice one .

Anonymous said...

How do you choose pip pack location when we do UNIX installation ?