Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Oracle Cloud: Using Cloud Berry to connect with Cloud Storage

Problem Description: In this blog I just want to show how can we use cloud berry to connect with Oracle Cloud Storage.

1. Get Oracle Cloud storage: To use Oracle Cloud storage you must have cloud storage account. You can get it from https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/storage

2. Get details from Cloud environment: Once you have Oracle Cloud login you will have username/password and identity domain. Using this you can see you dashboard. From Dashboard you can launch cloud storage home page.

2. Install Cloud Berry: You can download and install Cloud Berry from http://www.cloudberrylab.com/explorer/openstack.aspx

3.Run Cloud Berry and Navigate to File > New Oracle Cloud Account

     Before filling details in above shown form keep your REST endpoint handy. Its shown in Step-2

  • Display Name: It could be anything, which helps you to recognize cloud environment.
  • User Name: This is important. Most of the time mistake we make is we directly provide username. It actually has two parts. First part is last part of REST endpoint url [Storage-<IdentityDomain>]. Second part is your oracle cloud username. Now join both of them using colon (:)
  • Password: Your oracle cloud password.
  • Authentication Service: This is another important part. You can provide two values here. 
    • Take REST endpoint url and remove /v1/Storage-<IdentityDomain> and replace it with /auth/V1.0 as shown in above diagram.
    • Another way is if you have us2 datacenter you can use https://us2.storage.oraclecloud.com/auth/v1.0

4. Thats all, Now you can start managing cloud using Cloud Berry


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