Sunday, April 16, 2017

JCS/JCS-SX: Creating application server connection

Problem Description: I see most of the time people face issues while creating connection with JCS server using Jdev. Its pretty straight forward but we provide wrong details most of the time.


1. Use Resources pane and select New Connection > Application Server

2. If this JCS account then you can enable your weblogic ports 7001/7002 to public and make normal weblogic application server connection in Resource tab.

3. If its JCS-SX then you may want to use Oracle Cloud type of application-server connection. On first tab provide any name to your connection and select connection-type = Oracle Cloud

4. Next tab provide username/password. NOTE: These are cloud service user not weblogic user. In normal weblogic connection we provide weblogic user and its password but here it should be cloud user and password. If you don't have cloud user details ask cloud admin (who owns identity domain of cloud).

5. Next tab is where you need to select cloud service details [Datacenter, Identity-domain, Service Name]. This is the tab where I see mistakes most of the time. We should be knowing how to get these information. For that login to your cloud my services dashboard.

Datacenter, you always know as that is first thing you select when you want to login to your cloud account. Most of the time for me its us2.

Find identity domain on dashboard

   Select your JCS-SX instance and launch Service Detail page. 
   Get Service-Name as shown below from Service Detail page

   You can also get service name from Java console. Select Java Console from service detail page
   Service Name is mentioned at top of page

Now mention these details on your Jdev connection

Navigate to Test tab and perform a test

Thats all.


Unknown said...

Hi Sanjeev,
I have done above steps and It's working . but When I call webservice from Java code by ADF's button I am getting errors in JCS-sx and same code is working in JCS.
ADF version-11.1.9..
Some setups are done for jcs-sx.
in web.xml /faces/index.jspx

String wsUrl = "https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx:443/finApInvQuickInvoicesModel/InvoiceInterfaceService";
URL url=new URL(wsUrl); HttpURLConnection httpConn = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection();

May I know Any additional setups?

Muhammad Azwar said...

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