Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jdeveloper and Disk space issue

Recently I was running out of disk space and then I thought of analyzing it. I found that one of my middleware home (which I use frequently) is much bigger than others. WinDirStat shows that there are few hprof files in my middleware-home/jdeveloper/jdev/bin directory, which are taking lots of space. (3GB each around).

hprof files gets generated whenever jvm crashes or jdev shows outofmemory error. All heap information is dumped in hprof file and its size is generally same as your jdev memory size. That is why they are so huge.

These files can be used to analyze jvm crash but most of the time we are not interested in that untill its happening too frequently. We can delete them safely, which should give us lots of disk space back.

Another thing you may want to change it system directory location from C drive to some other location. For that you can set JDEV_USER_DIR environment variable. 

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