Friday, August 15, 2014

WebCenter: Content Presenter and Secured images

In WebCenter we use sitestudio and content presenter to show content from UCM. This blog could be useful for you if you find following behavior
1. Content presenter is not able to show images
2. You are able to see images sometime but not always
3. One browser shows images but other is not able to show
4. You are able to see images but your friend is not or vice versa.

Answer of all these problems lies in they way images are accessed using content presenter.

If we do F12 and see the url of image generated by content presenter, we found that its a direct URL to content server. For example


This url is directly pointing to content server. Now content server can only give images if either of this is true
1. Image document is public. (Immediate solution but not feasible in for secured images)
2. You are explicitly logged into content server (may in another tab) and you have access to image document. (Cause which is responsible why we see images sometime)
3. You have SSO enabled so that your webcenter session can be used to access content server. (Best solution)

In above three cases you will be able to see image otherwise you would not.

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